7 Online Cloud Backup Services to Keep Your Data Safe

Online Cloud Backup Services

Are you looking to maintain regular backups of your files? It is best to store them online by using the online services for backup.

Everyone should backup their information. The inevitable disaster will occur at the moment. If it does, you’ll want to lose your photographs and videos, your music as well as important documents.

Backup Options

There are many options to store backups. You can make use of NAS drives clouds, external storage devices applications as well as dedicated web-based backup solutions.

Each backup method offers pros and pros and. So, don’t count on one particular method.

Due to the nature of offsite Online backups, it is our advise using them to create backup copies.

However it is that you will not be able to make backups or restore them when you don’t have an internet connection.

Which online service do you need to use? We’ve compiled our seven top choices.

  • Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is one of the most popular apps in the market. One payment of $49.99 permits you to make local backups. For online backup options you’ll need to sign up for an annual fee.

Two plans are offered two plans: Premium and Advanced. The Advanced plan comes with complete image backups active disk cloning, rapid recovery and restore and restore, ransomware protection, complete encryption, as well as the ability to backup social media.

The Premium plan also includes Blockchain certification for files as well as electronic signatures for the files.

The most affordable Advanced plan begins from $49.99 for the year. You can backup one computer and receive 250GB of cloud storage. The Premium plan begins at $99.99. It comes with 1TB of storage.

  • Backblaze

Backblaze is a different giant. It’s possibly Acronis the biggest rival.

The service offers a few distinct features that catch the attention of. The most notable is the option to use physical recovery media. Even though your backups are saved remotely, Backblaze will send out physical USB storage device (128GB) or an external drive (4TB) through FedEx to any location within the planet.

From a usability perspective, Backblaze is best described as a set-it-and-forget-about-it app. It keeps all your important documents in real-time without any further intervention from the user.

This method could be overly easy for professionals who require greater control over the data and directories are protected.

Other options comprise scheduled backups adjustable upload limit bandwidths, as well as backup sharing.

Backblaze is $5 per month, or $50 for the year.

  • SOS

The multi-award winning SOS application is one of the most complete and secure online backup solutions.

All your files are transmitted with triple-layer 256-bit encryption. You may also use your own private encryption key to increase security. Two options for private encryption can be found in Standard UltraSafe and UltraSafe Max.

If you choose UltraSafe Max, you will have the sole password for your information, rendering it unusable to governments as well as hackers. If you do lose your password SOS won’t be capable of helping you.

SOS also provides real-time archiving, unlimited versions history as well as single file recovery along with scheduled backups. You can have one subscription that includes five computers as well as the ability to use unlimited devices on mobile.

Due to the extensive list of options, SOS is more expensive than its competitors. The basic plan that comes with 50GB of storage cost $4.99 each month. It can get expensive when you require more space. 1TB costs $39.99 each month. 5TB costs $159.99 per month.

  • IDrive

If you’re trying to find a the right balance between cost and capabilities, IDrive is definitely worth exploring.

for $69.50 annually, users have 2TB of space can be used for unlimited smartphones and computers. The service also provides real-time backups as well as network drive backups along with images of disk backups.

Similar to Backblaze There’s also the option of physical recovery, which can be utilized every year, for free.

IDrive even offers a free plan. Even though you get only 5GB of storage It’s an excellent choice to backup the most important files in case you are unable to pay for the cost of other applications’ fees.

  • SpiderOak

Similar to SOS, SpiderOak is on the higher end of the listing of online backup software we’re looking at. There are four plans available. Similar features will be present for each plan; it’s only the storage capacity that differs.

For just $5 per month, you can get 150GB. $9 gets you 400GB, 2TB costs $12, while 5TB is $25 per month.

SpiderOak is proud of the security of its files. End-to-end encryption is used as a standard feature (meaning that your information is encrypted before it leaves your computer) Your password is washed and salted using PBKDF2 and every variant of the file secured by a fresh key.

SpiderOak is not aware of the content of your data or the metadata that is that is associated with it.

Other features of the app include point-in-time recovery , which protects against ransomware, complete Linux assistance (other Linux back up solutions are also available) and unlimited versions of the past.

  • OneDrive

If you’re an Office 365 subscriber (and you ought to consider it), OneDrive is a excellent choice.

From August 2018 the company has been offering “folder safeguards.” It’s an abbreviation for automatic backups. Furthermore, since Office 365 gives you 1TB of free OneDrive space You’ll be able to keep all of your important files without having to worry about exceeding storage limitations.

There are a few limitations. For instance, you can’t utilize the application for backup OneNote notebooks, or Outlook PST files, but there are other methods to save these files to the cloud.

Folder Protection is a feature that’s available to non-Office 365 subscribers. Folder Protection function is accessible to non-Office365 users, but you’ll receive 5GB of storage. 1TB costs $69.99 annually.

  • Degoo

The cloud backup storage service which offers the largest storage space free of charge can be found in Degoo, a Swedish firm, Degoo. Every user gets 100GB of storage when they sign up.

There isn’t a native backup tool therefore you’ll need to create your backups manually. It is also necessary to login every 75 days, or you could lose your account. If these aren’t issues you’re willing to endure, there’s any better option than free.

With $6.39 each month, users receive 2TB of storage and get rid of the limitation on the frequency of logins

Diversify Your Data Backup Methods

As I mentioned it’s crucial that you don’t solely rely on the services we’ve talked about (or in fact, any other method).

Your personal information is placed at the disposal of a third-party has no influence over. This poses an inherent risk. The sector’s top app used to be CrashPlan However, the company abruptly was removed from the consumer market at the beginning of 2017.

To ensure your safety To be secure, ensure you create local backups of the data you have. There are options for local backups on Mac and methods for backing up Windows locally.

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