5 Factors that Influence the Cost of Mobile App Development in India

Today, every business uses mobile apps for communicating with customers, interacting, and generating revenue. Mobile applications make it plausible for a brand to connect with its customers at their convenience. mobile app development cost

There is an extensive demand for mobile apps. However, people are still unaware of the correct mobile app development cost. It holds them back from creating a mobile app for their business. As a result, they are unable to make the right decision about the best mobile app development company to hire for building their smartphone application. 

With this post, we have explained some factors that affect the cost of mobile application development in India. 

Mobile App Development – Overview

Mobile application development refers to creating apps that run on smartphones, tablets, and other devices. These applications are available on Google and Apple Stores to be downloaded and installed by the user at any time. The development process includes designing the app, writing code to create the software, incorporating backend services, and testing the app on devices. 

The two prominent platforms for mobile app development are Android and iOS. In building scalable mobile apps, you must consider hardware requirements, screen sizes, and many other aspects.

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5 Key Factors that Affect the Mobile App Development Cost

Cost is one of the uncertain factors of mobile app development. The total cost of application development depends on numerous factors. Each application is different in type, size, and platform. Thereby, the different cost is incurred for every mobile app. However, certain factors influence the total cost of an application. So, we have curated a list of variable factors that calculates the cost of mobile app development:

1. Types of App & Target Platforms

The types of applications you want to build and the operating system platform you want to target will have a substantial bearing on the cost. A hybrid mobile application is the best option if you want an app that runs across every mobile and web platform. 

While the hybrid app has a lower mobile app development cost, you might have to compromise with user experience. However, building separate apps for iOS and Android with native is expensive. But the user will get a convenient experience. In such a scenario, there is a middle path called cross-platform development. 

2. Number of Features

App features are another varying factor in mobile app development. The features take most of the development time. Several features in your app define the cost. However, some complicated and advanced features consume a considerable cost. 

We understand that features represent the motive of your app development and what you want to bring to the users. But you can always begin with key and essential features and add other features later on as per your user’s feedback. Hence, it will reduce your initial mobile app development cost

3. UI/UX Design, Graphics, & Animation

An app consists of numerous components of design, graphics, and animation, which are incorporated to grab the user’s attention. But you will be surprised to know that these components engross considerable cost. The UI elements, advanced gestures, and graphics of your app will incur more expenses. 

4. Offline Accessibility

Today, most apps are becoming internet-free. It means they can work without the internet. Offline accessibility is a step ahead of traditional apps, which are dependent on internet access. Certain advanced functions allow users to access a few features and content of the application without internet connectivity. However, this advanced functionality results in additional costs. 

If you want to provide offline access to your users, you should contact a mobile app development company to know how much exactly it costs. 

5. Number of App Screens

If you plan to create a large application with too many screens, then it will incur a substantial cost. However, you can incorporate a few screens and easily control the mobile app development cost. You can create only main screens at the beginning that are elementary for the app’s functioning. This way, you can add subsequent screens later through updates. 

Summing Up the Varying Factors of Cost of Mobile App Development

Cost is the topmost thing to consider when developing an app. Every company considers the expenses of development, no matter how big or small. If you are thinking of building your mobile app, then hire a leading mobile app development company for effective technical assistance. Among various trusted firms, Trank Technologies has the best mobile app developers that use effective techniques to curb the heavy cost. 

Choosing the right mobile app development company can give value to your investment. Trank can be your trustworthy platform for developing efficient mobile apps. It carries 10+ years of experience in designing and developing mobile applications. Our mobile app development solutions include design conceptualization, full-fledged development, and app optimization for various OS. We have highly-skilled developers who create exemplary mobile apps. So, build your business’s mobile app with us.

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