Vaper: Most Important Things to Know

Every day there are more smokers who change the traditional cigarette for some of the new ways of enjoying tobacco. Hookahs, electronic cigarettes, and vapers are some of those options. In this article, we will talk about vapers; devices similar to electronic cigarettes, but with some differences.

Vapers have become the choice of many people looking to quit smoking. Also of those who simply want to enjoy the wide variety of essences and flavors that can be added to these devices. If you are a traditional smoker and want to switch to vaping, in this article you will learn everything you need to take the step. Prepared?


  • the vapers not be confused with electronic cigarettes, although their operation is very similar. The advantages over traditional cigarettes are numerous, especially that they do not harm health as tobacco does. Scientists and doctors still disagree on the supposed harmful effects of vaping.
  • There are three classes of vapers: POD, MOD, and cigar type. the vapers are the most complicated to use; the cigar types, are the best for beginners. In any case, we must use an e-liquid to produce steam. There are e-liquids of practically any flavor.
  • When buying your first vaper, you should keep certain recommendations in mind, such as choosing a starter kit rather than opting for a more sophisticated model. Other important factors that you must take into account are the autonomy, the type of tank for the e-liquid, and the power, or the way to control the vapor output.

The best vapers

Going from the cigarette to a vaper is like changing a scooter for a motorcycle. Both the way of smoking and the substances that are inhaled are different, not to mention the wide variety of existing models.

The best vape for beginners

Authentic Eleaf Istick Basic Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

this vaper is ideal for beginner smokers, as it is very easy to use and is 100% tobacco and nicotine free. In addition, it includes a kit with the accessories and supplies you will need.

it’s a vaper that uses a 2300 mAh battery and has a cut-off function that activates after 15 seconds. Find out about how to recharge a vaper or puff bang.

Editorial review: An easy-to-use device. It offers safety and easy replacement parts.

The best vaper without nicotine

Vaporesso Veco Solo Vape Kit with 1500mAh Battery (Steel) – No Nicotine.

It has a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 2.2 cm. Its capacity is 2 ml.

It is possible to charge it using a USB cable. Despite its 40W power, it has a great vaping capacity.

Editorial evaluation:  It stands out for its small size. In addition, it is ideal to take it anywhere during the day.

Puffco peak pro opal

The Puffco Peak pro opal features a pearlescent metal band, helix inner-cone with an opal presented at the crown. It is an innovative, water-cooled, concentrate vaporizer that has gained considerable popularity for both beginners and veteran dabbers, and has helped to advance the concentrate market in its modern evolution.

Editorial evaluation:  The Puffco peak pro opal is ideal for vape beginners and cloud chasers. It is very easy to use and is convenient for travel.

Everything you should know about vapers

Many people switch to vaping to cut down on traditional tobacco use. Others, on the other hand, do it because of the intense flavor offered by the different e-liquids on the market. Whether you are one of the first or the second, you will need to know how they work, their advantages and disadvantages.

Differences between a vaper and an electronic cigarette

The differences between an electronic cigarette and a vaporizer are few. However, they exist, despite the fact that many websites talk about them indistinctly. Next, are the fundamental differences between both devices.

    • Shape and size. E-cigarettes often mimic the shape and size of a cigarette. Instead, vapers come in many forms, even though they are very similar to cigarettes.
    • Functioning. Electronic cigarettes work with non-refillable e-liquid cartridges, unlike most vapers.
    • Price. Vapers, in general, are more expensive than electronic cigarettes, although there are also very cheap ones.
    • Easy to use. Vapers are usually somewhat more complicated to use than electronic cigarettes. Nowadays, however, very simple vapor kits suitable for beginners can be found.
    • Autonomy. Vapers have more autonomy and more options regarding the type of battery they use. Some models have it internal, while others use high-capacity rechargeable batteries.
    • Useful life. Vapers work through a more advanced system than “e-cigars”, hence their useful life is usually longer.

How does a vape work?

The operation of an electronic cigarette and a vaper is basically the same. From a tank (atomizer), the e-liquid rises by capillarity through a silicon wick to a resistance. By pressing a button, the electrical resistance, located in the atomizer head, is heated, which causes the evaporation of the e-liquid and produces the vapor that we inhale.

What advantages does the vaper have compared to the traditional cigarette?

Due to an alarming figure in the number of deaths from tobacco smoking, more and more people are choosing alternatives such as vaping to get rid of traditional tobacco. These are other of its advantages:

  • Many toxic substances are avoided. It is estimated that tobacco contains more than 7,000 chemical substances, 69 of them considered carcinogenic. When you vape, you only inhale the vapor of the e-liquid, a substance basically made up of a base and a flavoring agent.
  • similar feeling. The sensation produced by the vapor in the throat is similar to that of tobacco smoke, even more pleasant.
  • With or without nicotine. A wide range of e-liquids is available, with and without nicotine.
  • Does not affect lung capacity. With a vaper you will no longer be inhaling smoke, so you will breathe better and you will not suffocate at the slightest effort.
  • Fresh breath. One of the causes of bad breath is smoking, something you no longer have to worry about when vaping.
  • Goodbye to bad smells. Cigarettes leave everything impregnated with a bad smell: hair, clothes, the house. With a vaper, you will definitively say goodbye to the smell of tobacco.
  • Economic savings. Investing in a vaper means, in the short term, significant savings compared to spending on cigarettes. As for consumables and liquids, they are not too expensive.

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