Top 8 Hardie Siding In Calgary

James Hardie Siding in Calgary has made a special place in the market. It has successfully won the trust of customers with its top-notch services. Be it a domestic setting or a commercial enterprise, James Hardie hosts the perfect solutions for all types of roofing. With its broad product range, you can achieve the perfect combination of style and comfort when layering your homes. Let’s check out the various products to determine the best fit for you.

hardie siding calgary

Hardie Plank Lap Siding

Featured as the most popular brand in North America, it is known for its sleek design, unwavering quality, and matchless protective capacity. In addition, it is designed to adapt to the moist atmosphere of the coastal belt. The product range includes two listings, i.e., Cedarmill and Smooth. Cedarmill boasts wood-like properties yet offers a softer texture. Smooth siding offers a sleek modern look with the option to prime and paint it in different colors. Check out the diverse color palette on the James Hardie website to choose the perfect shade for your home siding.

Hardie Panel Vertical Siding

Combining plank siding with vertical siding is sure to give an extra punch of design and sleekness to your homes. In addition, Manufactured with the ColorPlus technology, these sidings retain the color for the longest time with zero peeling off or fading instances. The unique color palette is available on the website. However, the color options range from region to region. Therefore, do not hesitate to request a sample by submitting your ZIP code. Therefore, You will be notified of offers unique to your region.

Hardie Shingle Siding

Shingled sidings are a perfect solution for cape-cod-styled homes. The shingles can instantly add a sleek design and rhythmic beauty to the slanting roofs of the homes. Even if you do not have a slanting design home, shingled Hardie sidings in Calgary can perfect fit for you. Porn toplist Feel free to use shingled sidings on the flat roofs to spark the design by uplifting the aesthetics. Therefore, Hardie shingled sidings go well with the rubber roofing Calgary for additional protection. Straight edge panels of shingled sidings offer a smooth look to the contemporary-styled buildings or the rustic outlook. So, do not hesitate to try and experiment with a different look for your home.

Hardie Architectural Collection

Next is the architectural collection by Hardie boards in Calgary, which offers an endless series of designs. Create unique designs with vertical and horizontally aligned panels and trims. Architectural panels can ace any home design be it traditional, modern, or ultra-modern. Fine Sand, Fine sand grooved, and mounded sand panels are available in the collection. The unique resistive properties of Hardie architectural panels offer protection against wind, heat, pests, moisture, and UV radiations. Achieve a classy, artistic look with fine sand and grooved models. Or opt for a rough textured look with stucco-looking mounded sand panels.

Hardie Soffit Panels

Soffits are pretty different from the traditional external roofing materials. They are available for underlining roof eaves and porch ceilings. Panels are available in the wood mimicked structure with a unique cedar mill formula that protects against warping and rotting. Soffit panels add the first layer of defense to your roofing by protecting the underlying rafter from seepage and moisture. Due to its non-wood nature, it requires minimum maintenance while offering more extended durability. Additionally, soffit venting can install with panels to maintain the airflow and ventilation through the roof.

Hardie Trim Boards

Trim boards design to uplift the vibe of your home by adding lining around windows, fascia, doors, columns, and corners. Smooth batten boards, rustic boards, and rustic grain batten boards are available in the collection. The warp and rot-resistant rustic boards add a vintage appeal to the home with a wood-like structure. Achieve a traditional and batten look with grain batten boards. All boards are primed for paint and are protected with ColorPlus technology for an undeniably comfortable user experience.

Hardie Weather Barrier

One of the unique features of Hardie Sidings in Calgary is their climate-customized nature. Be it the rough and harsh climate of a desert or a moist coastline, James Hardie promises to serve it all. Rubber roofing in Calgary can be a suitable solution in some cases as it boasts excellent resistive properties. However, the coverage offered by the weather barrier product range of Hardie boards is unmatchable.

Weather barriers offer water resistance, ventilation, mildews, and molds resistance and protect against energy loss. The pro-flashing material is self-adhesive and can easily apply on any surface with a simple peel-off operation. Flex flashing is stretchable, a perfect solution for hard-to-approach nooks and corners around windows. Lastly, seam tape also seals holes and gaps around windows to protect homes from air, moisture, and water flow.

Hardie Backer Boards

Cement backer boards are highly preferred by manufacturers when covering the floors with tiles. The unique award-winning formulation of Hardie backer boards offers the perfect combination of strength and performance. 90% of Portland cement and fine sand account for their non-abrasive nature. It offers excellent adhesion to all tiles with zero moisture penetration, thus counting for a positive user experience. In addition, these boards are known for their impressive compressive strength. Achieve an easy, dust-free, and hassle-free cutting and installation when choosing Hardie backer boards.

Be it your modern-styled chic home or a traditional setting, James Hardie covers it all. Get a personal quote by visiting the site and uplifting the safety of your home with rubber roofing Calgary and other James Hardie products.

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