Tips to enhance the management with the field service team

Did you know how your team performs depends on your managerial skills? As their manager, it’s your responsibility to constantly look for new ways to improve your team’s performance and relationship with them. With your team getting in and out of the lockdown phases, you must help them boost their productivity and make an engaging workforce. There are a lot of ways in which you can assist your team and elevate your workforce management

The organisation usually faces a lack of management skills among the managers, leading to incoordination within the organisation. Excellent managerial abilities seem more critical than ever for all employees as globalisation takes over businesses’ operations. Effective management skills are crucial for taking businesses to new heights of success as well as for advancing people’s careers. These abilities prepare people for higher-level positions across industries.


Challenges faced by a manager of the field service team 


The management of operations by field service companies using outdated equipment will quickly spin out of control. Once this occurs, a decline in sales is soon to follow. Manual tools could provide quick band-aid fixes for most field service management problems. However, traditional approaches will never wholly address your concerns.

The field service team and managers face many daily challenges, which need immediate attention to the latest technology. 


  1. Capturing real-time data – Keeping the account and information error-free is challenging. With the business growth, the paperwork also increases. Managers are left to meet the deadlines, which might often lead to inaccuracy in paperwork in case of a hurry. Too much paperwork can also lead to loss of documents.


  1. Scheduling – Constantly allocating jobs and managing the field service schedule can make you go haywire. Keeping track of their entry time and completing tasks, shifts, and goals is time-consuming. 


  1. Coordination – Not every field representative can be available all the time. Sometimes situations can make them stuck with a customer, changing their schedule for another customer. Managers not having an appropriate way to coordinate with missing tasks might cause trouble.


  1. Productivity – Being unaware of the field service team in the open can never let you measure their productivity. As all the reports are given by the end of the day or week, a manager is oblivious to how much time was taken by a representative to complete the task.


  1. Unskilled representative- The manager can’t predict and prepare the representative for any mishappening in the field. They also can’t be in the field roaming with the team to solve their every issue. This often leads to inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction.


Changes and challenges are inevitable in any scenario. Dodging challenges is not the solution. However, the answer is noticing the changes that the organisation now demands. Digital problems require digital solutions to meet the service goals. Field service management software is the need of the hour. These challenges might seem small, but they hold you back from the organisation’s overall growth. Inculcating some tips to use this software with the right tools gets your job done quickly and efficiently. One step towards betterment alleviates the challenges and enhances the management with the field service team. 

Situations can be unpredictable and overwhelming, but the outcome of tips can help deliver positive results and practical solutions.


How can you better manage the field service team?


  1. Communication- Communication is the only method for sharing information between individuals. As it is the foundation of success, communication is frequently seen as the pillar of any enterprise. The team can collaborate on their ideas and thought processes, aiding the improvement. When the field service team feels the need to communicate with their manager, open doors to communication can help them resolve issues at the earliest. It builds a sense of trust and transparency between the team and management.


  1. Automation – It’s no secret that automation is getting huge recognition lately. It increases productivity and gives less space for any error during data entry. It decreases the workload off your shoulders and reduces frustration. It also enhances customer feedback as automation provides quick service with full knowledge of the customer’s requirements. Being a manager and being organised and efficient are just some common expectations. This helps you with solving your issues and clearing out your schedule to work on improving morale and productivity. 


  1. Training – Being unable to progress and give their maximum output, Field representatives can feel like they want to switch jobs way too early. Offering them training sessions to improve and learn new skills can give them growth opportunities. Encouraging them to take on challenges and responsibilities makes them feel valuable. By honing their skills, you can build trust that they’ll give their 100 percent out in the field to increase sales and customer satisfaction. 


  1. Productivity- With the software, you can efficiently allocate tasks to the field team and monitor their progress in real-time. You can overview their timeline of working hours, service, visits, locations and other activities and set goals accordingly. By looking at their progress rate, you can allocate them the best suitable tasks in their perimeter. Achieving goals is the main aim, so ensure you set attainable targets everyone can gain because impossible goals might discourage them. 


Keeping tags on even the most minor things will keep you organised and update you on your progress timely. The digital world demands smart solutions, quick decisions, convenient scheduling and up-to-date information. All of these depend on when the field service team and managers work together to the best of their ability. From optimising operations to eliminating paperwork, all can have their input in improving productivity and efficiency. 

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