The 5 Best Online English Tutoring Platforms in UK 2022

It should be noted that learning English online is now easier than ever before. The primary reason is a growing number of internet-based English tutoring and coaching services. In contrast, several Online English tutoring companies focus on specific groups or nationalities. With several choices, they provide tutoring for more students using different methods. These services are tailored to your schedule flexibility that incorporates real-time functions, e.g., one-on-one tutoring sessions and group study. 11 Plus is considered to be a milestone of a successful career. But students mostly face difficulties in English. However, expert 11 Plus English tutors in London will make preparation much easier for them. So, this article will discuss the 5 Top Online English tutoring platforms available in the UK in 2022.

1-Adnan Khan Tutoring

Adnan Khan Tutoring has a vast experience of more than 20 years of education in the mainstream. English is a demanding subject that is part of each entry exam and in students’ curriculum from all year groups. Accordingly, parents typically employ individual English tutors to assist their children in mastering essential areas, e.g., grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling. They have well-recommended and trusted programs by all parents. Hence, they also offer GCSE English tuition at a higher level. However, their online English tutoring helps your child build solid foundations that will assist them academically and personally.


  • A Hi-Tech Online Tutoring Platform
  • Personalized Online English Courses
  • Encouraging and A Supportive Environment
  • Experienced and Qualified Online Tutors
  • One-To-One Online and Group Lectures

2-Explore Learning

The award-winning Online English tutoring company for children aged 4-14 is accessible across the UK. They have innovative learning tools aligned to the curriculum for schools with skilled tutors. Explore Learning helps your child create a passion for learning throughout their life. Therefore, you’ve come to the perfect place, whether you’re searching for the best English tutors to strengthen the basics, develop new concepts, or stimulate your imagination! 


  • The primary English tutors
  • Secondary English tutors
  • 11 Plus English tutors


Kumon’s is a reputed online English tutoring company that can assist children of all ages and with any level of ability to excel. Their primary goal is to give their students all the necessary tools to have fun learning. On the other hand, Kumon students are over one year ahead of the national average and more than one month earlier than their English studies peers after primary school. Instead of providing traditional Online English tutoring, their instructors help students with assignments at the appropriate level to keep them moving forward. Kumon English Programme aims to help each student comprehend various texts. It also assists in developing a lifetime practice of reading for pleasure and enjoyment. So, the English program begins with basic writing and word-building and concludes. Thus, each student is assigned their beginning point, which will be determined in their assessment free of charge.


  • Learning to Read and Write
  • Sentence Building
  • Paragraph Building
  • Summarization
  • Repeating and Reciting

4-Kip McGrath

Another one of the best Online English Tutoring Platforms is Kip McGrath, here to assist your child’s learning. By the assistance of highly-trained English tutors to ensure getting the time and attention, they require in most areas. Their online tutors are experienced, and use identical teaching tools and proven methods as you would find in the Kip McGrath center. Consequently, your child will be able to interact and communicate with their tutor. 


  • English Tuition
  • Early Reading
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension


Fleet Tutors has helped more than 100,000 students by their 11 Plus English tutors in London and the UK, or globally. But the main target is to achieve the marks required for entrance and public examinations or catch ahead of peers. From the fundamentals of writing, reading, spelling, or comprehension to debating, studying, and critical writing, many essential elements comprise English literature and language. That might have led to an absence of understanding through sickness, absence, or other factors. Thus, this could hinder your child’s maximum potential in a variety of subjects. Perhaps, you need additional tuition for your advanced studies and help in critical writing or essay in a degree course?


  • SATs
  • 7+ 11+ 13+
  • Entrance tests
  • GCSE
  • A Levels
  • Resits
  • Degree level


English language learning covers an array of prospective students. So, you made sure your choices included as many different groups as possible. Instead of choosing Online English Tutoring Platforms that cater to one particular language, you tried to select services that do not define the student language but on the other hand, focus on learning.

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