School cleaning: Tips For Cleaning Stairs

Worried about school cleaning stairs? Very attentive to today’s article! Because we will speak loud and clear about the needs that must be covered so that they are always in perfect condition.

Disinfecting for Covid 19 Close up of a woman cleaning a set of stairs in a public building in the Northeast of England. She is using a spray bottle. stair cleaning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

In this case, we will give management-oriented guidelines in schools. But if you are interested in, for example, talking about another type of business, you just have to contact us. And send us your concerns.

We’ll talk about what you prefer! Whether in educational centers, or neighborhood communities. Or any case of companies. We will wait for you!

Fast and efficient management

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we are faithful to fast and efficient management in schools. The demand is maximum, and we know that the entire center has to be perfect on time. Our team already have experience in the sector to be able to guarantee everything we tell you!

We achieve what we set out to do. We set goals together, and we meet them! Do you need personalized attention? We offer it to you.

Choose the company that best suits you!

We are clear: you do not have to adapt to a specific type of external cleaning company. The best thing is that you contact true professionals and tell them what your needs are, clearly and directly.

Personalized treatment has obvious advantages. Not only in the approach but also when it comes to being decisive, proposing alternatives, and maintaining clear and constant communication.

How to clean the stairs?

A good first step is to have a set frequency. Shall we do it at the beginning and middle of each day? The surface, schedules, and the number of students and teachers will have a lot to do with it.

Then comes the order. If we are dealing with a multi-story building, it is best to specify a protocol and maintain it. For example, the schedules will have to be considered so as not to cause a setback in the entry or exit of schoolchildren.

The products, as always, have to be of the best quality to obtain good results.

The importance of hygiene and cleanliness

We are in a context in which we must take care of common areas. Especially that of schools. That is why the cleaning of stairs cannot be neglected. Since it is an area in which there is a constant exchange of students when they are not in the classrooms.

Yes, special attention has always been paid to this area. But now, because of the situation resulting from covid-19 in Australia, it is even more worth dedicating time and resources to improving the parts with the highest traffic of people.

Hallways and bathrooms also require constant hygiene. Can you think of any vital? You can put it in the comments of the blog or through our social networks.

Do you have any doubt? Was today’s article helpful to you? You know you can contact us whenever you want. We will solve your doubts, and we will remain at your disposal to be part of your cleaning team. Trust us!




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