Revolutionary Phase – Menstruation

Spread Awareness of Periods –


Parents often think about that what is the right age to talk to girls about starting periods, and I recommend that this should be a process rather than a formal sit-down talk.

For example, you can use TV commercials to start a conversation with girls about periods known as the Time of the month or discuss it when buying sanitary towels at the supermarket. Or just ask your daughter what she already knows about the subject and move on from there.

Whenever possible, use clear language, such as ‘vagina’, even if you feel uncomfortable using these words. Emphasize that Time of the month is completely normal and natural – they are part of growing up and happen to all women.

And before telling about Menstruation tell about What are the signs of having periods?

The signs of having periods –


1.) Before the coming of periods, hair starts coming into the body.

2.) Hair comes in the  underarms, legs, hands 

3.) Hair starts coming on the sex organs too.

4.) A bulge is created in the chest.

These signs may be a signal of the onset of periods:-


Then concentrate on Menstruation and which is also known as “periods”. Menstruation is that part of the menstrual cycle in which bleeding occurs from the vaginal tract of a woman for a few days. In most women, this happens after every 28 days. Also, You should discuss the symptoms of menstruation.

Just before the period, you may feel experience a few specific symptoms during the Time of the month or before the period and it is not necessary that every woman experiences these symptoms-

The symptoms of menstruation –


  1. stomach cramps
  2. lower abdominal pain
  3. abdominal swelling
  4. constipation before periods
  5. acne
  6. fatigue
  7. mood changes
  8. Headache
  9. Abdominal distension
  10. lack of food
  11. breast pain
  12. Diarrhoea

Along with this, you need to take care of Nutrition you should tell her which and how they use pads or tampons. This is also important to know about that. During this Time of the month, we need something to absorb blood. I recommend using Stayfree or tampons rather than 

How to use Pads –


Stick the pad to your underclothes the usage of the sticky strip at the back. Some reusable pads are held in the vicinity with snaps or plastic to your underclothes. Change your pad every few hours, or whilst it`s soaked with blood.

Wrap used pads withinside the wrapper or lavatory paper and throw them withinside the trash.

How to use tampons –


  • Follow the instructions on the package of the tampon
  • Use a low absorbent tampon
  • Change tampons every 4 to 8 hours

But maybe, in the beginning, you try Stayfree or pads because it is easy to use and comfortable.  you can use both a tampon and a pad as per your comfort.

Also discussed menstrual hygiene. It is also important to discuss it. Every girl should follow to keep menstrual hygiene

Take care of hygiene during periods –

  1. Wear comfortable and clean underwear
  2. Keep clean your private parts 
  3. Change a pad before extremely wet. with blood
  4. Use the minimum soaking tampon for your flow
  5. Change tampons or pads at least every 4 to 8 hours
  6. If you use a reusable pad, use it after cleaning it thoroughly 
  7. Never use two pads at once

It is important for your daughter to know about menstruation and before they start it you should tell her without any hesitation. here I am going to tell you some rumours about menstruation here maybe you are aware of it if not so no worry I will tell you. 

Some rumours related to the period


Here I am going to tell about some rumours which are also you heard about it One of the popular rumours that are Touching pickles during periods makes it bad. You also heard that during Menstruating women are impure so that’s why they are not allowed to the temple. Use a pad or tampon to reduce bleeding. One of the rumours was that Trees should not be touched during the period, However, this is not the case at all.

Women cannot take a bath or wash their hair during the period although during periods they have to take care of heightens. Physical activity should be stopped during periods. It is not necessary that this should happen to every girl, because if someone has more pain then they can rest. By the way, it is said that women get relief from physical activity during menstruation and blood circulation is also correct.

Conclusion – 


When a girl’s period starts, it is a sign that her body is now capable of producing a baby. That’s why it’s important that she knows about getting pregnant and contraception.

And you should also tell your son about menstruation. They, too, need to know about periods. Talk to boys in the same way as girls do about the realities of periods, the mood changes it causes, and the biological reasons behind periods, and this conversation will keep them aware as well as help them understand Will help them what the girls go through through through every month”.

It is important to spread awareness in society for the betterment of life and understand that menstruation is part of life. Last but not least don’t believe in rumours. 




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