Newborn baby dress At Raja Sahib

Newborn baby dress

Parents are very excited to do the shopping for their newly born even before his birth. In Pakistan, there are not so many varieties of imported clothing. Similarly, the locally made stuff has doubts about their cloth quality.

You can’t pick clothes from any store. And also can’t afford to always buy the clothes from a very high brand. Because babies have to wear them for only months or days. After that their size grows up and they don’t fit in them anymore. A very time taking and thorough search is required for this purpose. Initially, you go to shops to check out the variety, price, and fabric. After satisfaction, you can buy them.

A harsh fabric can cause skin irritation and rashes. Their skin is super sensitive and fragile. A little carelessness can result in their allergies. The best store to buy such clothing is RAJA sahib. Once you visit this store all of your stress and frustration searching for clothes will be over. The store keeps clothes for newborn sizes and variations. Like some fit in small sizes and bigger ones.

Varieties of new born clothing


Newborn baby caps come in different colors. Some have animal shapes and cartoon shapes printed on the caps. They look cute and attractive. Parents put the caps on newly born because this is a protection against cold. Also, they can easily hold them by placing a hand under his head. Babies don’t have much hair to reserve the heat. So these soft cotton caps keep their heads at normal temperature.


Next, they buy them booties. This is necessary for the maintenance of their proper body temperature. Also, their skin is very delicate. Exposure to any pointed object can cause injury. Afterward, their feet are safe from UV rays and dust. The store has cute blue, yellow, and green colors of them. They are fluffy inside.

Knee pads

Afterward, when you lie your baby upside down for their legs and muscle exercises. Then their knees might hurt after the exposure to harsh surfaces. So buy them a pair of cotton knee pads. The light fabric material of the knee pad will keep their skin protected.


You can purchase the onesie. They usually come in a pair or set. Some have long sleeves, some come with half sleeves, and some can come with a pant or a shirt. The combination of these onesies is different. Some have even tiny mittens attached to the cloth. This help parents to cover the babies fully. Also, the onesie has full leggings to keep their feet safe. As it comes in a single costume, you can easily take it off for changing.


Further, buy them light cotton-made socks. This will keep them away from getting exposed to dust and impurities. Keep two or three pairs of body suits for them. As it is a full-length suit and you won’t need additional pants and socks you cover them up. This store has many ranges of size. You can select it according to your newborn length. Then, you can buy them pants that can stretch easily. This is beneficial if only you need to change one piece rather than the whole outfit.

Sleeping bag

The foremost requirement for your newly born is a sleeping bag. Instead of covering your baby with a blanket or comforter. Buy a sleeping bag. As your baby can easily get fit into it and will sleep properly. These bags are available for both of seasons. It has a zip attached to one of the sides. Through this baby is locked and remains safe in the bag.

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