Is Getting Properties in Dubai a Worthy Investment?

The question arises: is Getting Properties in Dubai a worthwhile investment? Let’s look at the Location, Rental yields, and Getting Financing. Once we have established these, we can move on to other things we need to consider. For starters, we have to consider the UAE’s economic situation. The country receives a large portion of its revenue from oil production, and this industry is projected to continue to decline over the coming decades. To address this issue, the government has promoted other sectors to diversify its economy. On the other hand, some neighborhoods in Dubai lack the amenities and services that a person would normally expect, which means that a person living in those areas might not be able to generate capital gains or rental income.

Getting Properties in Dubai is a Worthy Investment

Buying properties in Dubai can be a lucrative investment, especially if you have an eye on the elite properties. While the prices of luxury properties in Dubai are relatively cheaper than other parts of the world, buying for resale will not yield large profits anytime soon. Instead, you must wait until the economy of the UAE rebounds. By 2020, the UAE will be back on its feet.

With property prices in Dubai as cheap as they are, the economy is prime for investing. The growth potential of this market is limitless. Moreover, buying property in Dubai will provide you a steady source of income that will not disappear. It will even serve as a hedge against inflation, since a good real estate investment in the UAE can yield 8%-10% rent returns. In addition to this, investing in real estate in Dubai gives you greater control over the size, nature, and timing of the property.


Properties for sale in Dubai

There are several aspects of location that you should consider while buying a property in Dubai. You should pay special attention to the convenience and the comfort of the interiors of the property as well as the view it offers. Both of these factors can enhance the quality of your life. A property in a good location can be an investment and a haven for relaxation. Read on to find out more about some factors to consider when buying a property in Dubai.

One important factor to consider is the price. You can get a two-bedroom apartment for AED 1,400,000. Prices vary by neighborhood and project. Business Bay properties are relatively cheaper than the ones in Downtown Dubai. Moreover, they will have higher yields. In business Bay, prices for two-bedroom apartments start from AED 1,400,000.

Rental yields

While the capital of the UAE may not be a property market that pays the best returns, rental yields in certain areas in Dubai are still high. According to a study by Savills, residential yields in Dubai are the fourth highest in the world. Only Los Angeles, Moscow, and Cape Town come close to the Dubai rental yield. And according to Haider Tuaima, director of data and research at consultancy ValuStrat, some areas in Dubai have higher rental yields than others.

As one of the world’s richest countries, Dubai has a reputation for high rental yields. The average yield for overseas property owners is 4%, but in Dubai, investors can expect a minimum yield of seven percent. Commercial property yields are often as high as fifteen percent. In terms of rental yields, studio apartments are performing best. Most expats living in the city are single, so rent yields are relatively high.

Getting Financing

Properties for sale in Dubai

Mortgage financing is a common method for purchasing property in the UAE. It allows people with good annual incomes to buy their dream property without worrying about the upfront costs. It also helps people to avoid the burden of paying rental payments, which do not contribute to long-term asset growth. In the UAE, mortgage rates are competitive and flexible. In addition, mortgage assistance is available. Read on to learn how to get a mortgage in Dubai and start living in the country.

Before you start your search for the right mortgage for your needs, first determine what type of financing you require for your purchase. You may be able to get financing through an interest-free mortgage. These loans allow you to pay off the property in full over a period of five years. These mortgages usually require very little administrative work on your part, and are also cheaper than conventional financing. If you qualify for these loans, they will be the perfect option for you.

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