Bangalore diaries: Overview of the city



Bangalore attracts tourists who are interested in leisure activities, adventure, and nature. As well as animals but the city’s bustling streets and picturesque vistas are insufficient to placate the restless heartfelt wanderers. Bengaluru is home to tall structures, businesses, opulent resorts and hotels, and a flourishing nightlife. And a network of flyovers. 


For the purpose of enhancing our memories and making our days entertaining and special. We need some more places to visit and activities to partake in while travelling. Because of this, a true wanderer living in Bangalore looks for a getaway to imprint the landscape on his or her memories. Because there are moments when the heart declares, ‘Enough of the industries, structures, technology, and nightlife.


Let’s examine a few of the top weekend getaways near Bangalore.


Karnataka’s Mysore

It is one of the vibrant cities in India. It draws Saturday afternoon visitors from Bangalore. In addition it also attracts visitors from other regions of the country and also from abroad. It is located about 180 kilometres from Bengaluru and it is enveloped by historical boundaries, locations of the spiritual journey, and an ecosphere. 

The sounds of the city’s more than 700-year-old illustrious and lengthy past echo throughout the present. It also reflects a replica of the Royal house of Mysore, with its glittering royal past.


Karnataka’s Hampi

Hampi, the former capital of Vijayanagara, is one of the best weekend destinations near Bangalore. It is a World Heritage Site that is home to numerous monuments showcasing the former way of life. It is roughly 370 kilometres away and takes 8 hours to drive there from Bangalore. 

Several temples, civil buildings, and military structures are found inside the fortification. Despite os its architectural works are in ruins. One of the main draws in Hampi is the rock chariot at the Vittala complex.


Karnataka’s Hospet

One of the most notable archaeological sites that capture the mediaeval undertones of the Vijayanagara is Hospet, which is situated on the banks of the River Tungabhadra and serves as the entrance to Hampi, which is located some 13 kilometres away. 

Although Hospet has become more commercialised in recent years with the construction of hotels, the distinctive Ananthashayana temple at Anantashayana Gudi remains the city’s top tourist destination.



Another option is Belur in Karnataka, which is 230 kilometres away from Bangalore and is known for its magnificent Hoysala Empire architecture. Belur is located in the Hassan district. The Chennakeshava temple is intricate. It consists of the illustrated by the fact that convent. It is devoted to Hindu Mythology and the Kappe Chennigaraya monastery. In Shantala Devi, the empress of king Vishnuvardhana, built, is the main attraction for everyone.


Karnataka’s Hassan

There is still magic in Hosalyas. Hassan, a similarly charming city which the Hoysala Dynasty found in the eleventh century, is about 190 kilometres from Bengaluru and 50 kilometres from Belur. One of the most well-liked heritage weekend trips from Bangalore is this one.


Bangalore’s Badami

Badami, which is about 510 kilometres from Bangalore and is famous for its magnificent rock-cut cave temples and red sandstone cliffs, is a fantastic weekend getaway. It exhibits the magnificent architectural creations of the powerful Chalukya Empire. The Badami Cave Shrines were mostly carved between the sixth and eighth centuries. According to the Archeological Survey of India. Four cave temples stand in for the then emperors’ profane nature. This leniency and piety followed their tendency toward Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Shiva is worshipped in Cave 1, Vishnu is worshipped in Caves 2 and 3, and Jain Tirthankaras are depicted in reliefs in Cave 4.


Park National de Bandipur

Bandipur National Park is located about 220 kilometres from Bangalore, 80 kilometres from Mysore, and 70 kilometres from Ooty, making it a 300-kilometre escape from the techie clamour and dust of Bangalore city. 

Numerous species of birds, animals, and plants call the 874 square kilometres of Bandipur National Park, a part of the region of Uttarakhand Biosphere Reserve, home.


National Park of Nagarhole

The Nagarhole National Park is another well-liked adventurous and restorative getaway from Bengaluru that attracts a number of wildlife and naturalist enthusiasts. Bangalore is 220 kilometres away, Mysore is 80 kilometres away, and Bandipur is 120 kilometres away.


National Park of Bannerghatta

One of the thrilling weekend wildlife getaways from Bangalore is the expansive (over 104.27 square kilometres) Bannerghatta National Park, which is about 22 kilometres from Bangalore. 

One of the most abundant natural zoological reserves in the world, the park is home to many animals, including tigers, leopards, lions, and other mammals. Additionally, it maintains a dragonfly park, zoo, as well as a biological reserve.


Animal Sanctuary in Kabini

The Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, which is about 205 kilometres from Bangalore and boasts an abundance of lush greenery, is a popular wildlife long weekend from Bangalore. The spotted deer, cheetah, panther, sambhar, leopard, and various bird species are among the top sights. Your spirit will undoubtedly be lifted by the calming greenery, blissful Kabini River, picturesque steep valleys, and stunning lakes.

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