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Myth 1: Sports Massage Is Painful And Uncomfortable.

I just finished speaking with a runner who stopped by Massosport DC massage studio on his way to work. ‘So, what exactly do you do here?’ He inquired. ‘We are a sports massage & wellness company, and we use tailored Sports Massage Croydon to help you train more effectively and recover faster after workouts,’ I explained. ‘Sports massage?’ he added. It must be excruciating. Sports massage, in my opinion, is about painful deep pressure, bruising, and agony. ‘A lot of pain.’

So, How About You? What Image Comes To Mind When You Think Of Sports Massage?

I’m hoping for nothing spiky or thorny. Sports Massage Croydon therapy can be painful and uncomfortable, but so can any other type of massage if the massage therapist does not work with your body, altering pressure and technique based on your sensations. Working with your body entails selecting pressure and massage techniques that are comfortable for you while still producing the desired outcomes.

As a result, Sports Massage Croydon is more than just deep tissue or deep pressure. It is not about using harsh techniques that will leave you feeling uncomfortable, fatigued, and unfulfilled. It is about meeting you at your level of comfort, asking for input, responding to your comments during the massage session, and using effective and safe soft tissue manipulation techniques to relieve stress or achieve any other therapeutic sports goals.

Myth 2: Sports Massage Is Only For Athletes.

This is something I’ve heard a lot. Some individuals are confused by the term “sports,” which is typically connected in our thoughts with serious sportsmen. Sports Massage Croydon is widely used by the athletic community, although it is not limited to hard-core athletes.

And How Can It Be When It Has So Many Therapeutic Advantages?!

Some sports massage techniques, such as kneading, petrissage, percussion, friction, and so on, are derived from Swedish massage. Others, like stretching, structural integration, deep tissue work, active tissue release, fascial work, and so on, are derived from a wide range of other bodywork methods. They work wonders for flexibility, overall mobility, joint health, cell regeneration, post-workout recuperation, and mental calm when combined.

Myth 3: Sports Massage Is Performed On Top Of Your Clothing And Is Not A Full-Body Massage.

It all depends. If you are on a field/court/track or have only 30 minutes to spend at a massage studio, a dry massage (while you are fully dressed) is preferable. Assume you only require a targeted leg or back massage. Then we start working with your clothes on, usually using compression and other non-oil myofascial approaches.

If you come to our Sports Massage In Croydon studio for total body fitness or a full-body sports therapy, you will most likely be more comfortable undressed and fully clothed on a therapy table. After training, we will apply oil or therapeutic lotions to your skin, knead, and separate soft tissue to flush metabolic waste out of your muscles. But don’t worry, you’ll always be draped and covered with sheets during your full body sports massage, even when stretching.

Myth 4: Sports Massage Can Cause Injury.

A sports therapy session has the same risk of injury as other types of massage. You may be at greater risk if you end up in the hands of a self-proclaimed untrained and inexperienced sports massage therapist.

So What Do You Do?

Learn about your massage therapist’s level of expertise, educational background, and bodywork philosophy.

We have a complete page on our website dedicated to getting to know our therapists as well as possible and selecting the one with whom you connect the most based on professional capabilities and personal characteristics. Take note of how they present themselves. Do they appear to take care of their bodies, exercise, and eat well? If they care about their health, they will most likely care about yours as well.

When you discover a well-qualified Sports therapy In Croydon therapist, you will reduce your chance of injury and notice major changes in your training habits over time. Better flexibility, less tension and stiffness, faster pain recoveries, and frequently permanent alleviation from body tension are some of the comments we receive from our clients at the studio.

Myth 5: Sports Massage Is Only For Certain Sports.

Consider it more in terms of a specific objective rather than a certain form of sport. Athletes frequently come in for a particular specific sort of massage.

They say things like, “My legs are killing me,” “I have discomfort below my knee that isn’t going away no matter what, and I can’t work out,” or “I can’t lift like I used to because of a severe shooting pain in my deltoid area.” The list goes on and on. In this scenario, we will address the issue first in order to get them back to training as quickly as feasible.

However, it is critical to recognise that your body has 10 crucial systems; that function in tandem to keep your complete mechanism running. I’m referring to neurons, breathing, endocrine systems, blood/lymph circulation, and so forth. And, in order to be in peak athletic condition, you must condition all of them on a regular basis. This is where sports therapy shifts its attention from a localised location to a full-body therapy or conditioning. 

If you’re still debating whether Sports Massage In Croydon is perfect for you, come give it a shot. You’ll be surprised at how many benefits you’ll get from just one session.

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